How to join the competition?

It is simple!

  1. Read and inspire yourself with the Living Garden principles and tips.
  2. Register using the Registration form.
  3. If necessary, redesigne your garden to fit the needs of wild animals.
  4. Observe, count and mark down the specified animal species during the appointed dates.
  5. Submit your observation in a mapping card (by filling in an online form or using a mail). We will assign you points for your observations. Once you reach the 50 point level, you win! The Living Garden Title is not easy to reach, only few have beel entitled to boast about it so far.
  6. Work on it! It takes some time to teach the animals that your garden is the right place to rest, feed and reproduce.

When are the next appointed observation dates?

Spring term:  22.5. – 24.5.2015

Winter term: 23.12. – 26.12. 2015

What wild animal species we look for?

Spring term:

  • Birds, hedgehog, snakes, lizards, frogs, butterflies, bumblebees, and many more. You can find them in the Spring Form.

Winter term:

  • It is all about the birds! Observe every kind of bird on your garden. However there are some special species we observe for more than 11 years. Observing them gives us an important data. You can find them in the Winter Form.